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Neorest GH Multi-Function Toilet (S trap) Size: 820 x 448 x 527mm Elegant simple design wit..
HK$108,000.00 HK$75,600.00 Ex Tax: HK$75,600.00
Neorest New AH Multi-Function Toilet CS987PVA/TCF9787WA (P-Trap120-155mm )   CS987VA/T..
HK$53,800.00 HK$34,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$34,000.00
Neorest XH Multi-Function Toilet  (S-Trap 305mm) Features Elegant simple design w..
HK$51,800.00 HK$36,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$36,000.00
Neorest LE Wall mounted Multi-Function Toilet WH036D -Concealed Cistern w/Frame MB005DGN - ..
HK$78,880.00 HK$55,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$55,000.00
New Neorest DH Multi-Function Toilet TCF9575HK / CS989PVT (P-Trap 120-155mm)  TCF9575HK ..
HK$45,800.00 HK$27,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$27,000.00
Neorest Paper Holder (Stand type) Size: 290x830x260 mm In NEOREST series, of simple and stylis..
HK$7,480.00 HK$5,236.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,236.00
Neorest basin with sensor mixer Size : 750 x 500 x 120 mm  - Automatic/ manual control ..
HK$41,400.00 HK$28,980.00 Ex Tax: HK$28,980.00
Hi-Crystal  basin Size : 750 x 450 x 50mm Thermostatic Lavatory Faucet   ..
HK$79,320.00 HK$55,524.00 Ex Tax: HK$55,524.00
Neorest Thermostatic Rain showerhead, hand shower, three horizontal body sprays TOTO patented Sha..
HK$71,000.00 HK$53,250.00 Ex Tax: HK$53,250.00
 SA Multi-Function Washlet made in Malaysia  Ewater+ spreads out and keeps clean toilet..
HK$12,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$12,000.00
Washlet (D-shaped) - Ewater+ spreads out and keeps clean toilet bowl and nozzle by preventing bac..
HK$12,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$12,000.00
SA Multi-Function Washlet (Elongated)- Fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating..
HK$6,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$6,000.00
Washlet - Fully equipped with comfortable rear, front, and oscillating cleansing functions - A..
HK$6,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$6,000.00
SA Multi-Function Washlet|(Elongated) made in Japan Adjustable heater water tank Adjustable re..
HK$8,500.00 Ex Tax: HK$8,500.00
One-piece Toilet  Size : w:704×d:392×h:717(mm) P-trap toilet (180mm)  (S-..
HK$10,180.00 HK$6,380.00 Ex Tax: HK$6,380.00
One-piece Toilet Size : w:740×d:488×h:670(mm) S-Trap (305mm)  ..
HK$12,600.00 HK$8,820.00 Ex Tax: HK$8,820.00
One Piece Toilet  Size : 750W x 510D x 605H mm P-trap (180mm) (S-trap, 305mm rough-in also..
HK$8,370.00 HK$5,859.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,859.00
Elongated Close Coupled Toilet P-trap (180mm) (S-trap, 305mm rough-in also available) ..
HK$5,150.00 HK$3,605.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,605.00
TOTO CW920HK/SW920WH Close-Coupled -TORNADO FLUSH Size: 400W x 695D x 760H mm Promotion Item ..
HK$5,580.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,580.00
Elongated Close Coupled Toilet P-trap (180mm) (S-trap, 305mm rough-in also available) ..
HK$4,680.00 HK$3,276.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,276.00
TOTO CW766 -Tornado Flush -CeFiONtect (Super-smooth Glazing) -Soft closing seat and cover..
HK$7,260.00 HK$5,080.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,080.00
TOTO CW781 Close Coupled Toilet CW781RPB+SW781RPB 高咀分體式座廁 CW781B + SW781SB 地..
HK$3,400.00 HK$2,380.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,380.00
Classic Elongated close - coupled toilet Size : 700 x 370 x 810 mm Rough-in : 180mm (P-Trap) ..
HK$3,800.00 HK$2,660.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,660.00
Regular Close Coupled Toilet Size : 710 x 400 x 780mm P-trap (180mm)  (S-trap, 220mm rou..
HK$5,440.00 HK$3,808.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,808.00
Close Coupled Toilet 410W x 690D x 723H mm ..
HK$6,920.00 HK$4,844.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,844.00
Elongated Close Coupled Toilet Size : 700 x 390 x 773mm P-trap (180mm)  (S-trap, 305mm..
HK$4,170.00 HK$2,919.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,919.00
Wall-hung toilet with concealed tank(D type, elongated) Size: w:530×d:390×h:310(mm) ..
HK$6,160.00 HK$4,312.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,312.00
Wall mount wc Size : 520W X 354D X 348H mm ..
HK$2,550.00 HK$1,785.00 Ex Tax: HK$1,785.00