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Elongated Close Coupled Toilet Size : 700 x 390 x 773mm P-trap (180mm)  (S-trap, 305mm..
HK$4,170.00 HK$2,919.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,919.00
Wall-hung toilet with concealed tank(D type, elongated) Size: w:530×d:390×h:310(mm) ..
HK$6,160.00 HK$4,312.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,312.00
Wall mount wc Size : 520W X 354D X 348H mm ..
HK$2,550.00 HK$1,785.00 Ex Tax: HK$1,785.00
Wall-mounted toilet  Size : w:560×d:452×h:332(mm) ..
HK$6,110.00 HK$4,277.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,277.00
wall-mounted toilet  Size : w:530×d:380×h:340(mm) Toilet Rough-in: H=220mm ..
HK$5,140.00 HK$3,598.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,598.00
Wall mount wc Size : 570 X 352 mm ..
HK$3,530.00 HK$2,471.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,471.00
Wall mount wc Size : 595 X 380 mm ..
HK$4,250.00 HK$2,975.00 Ex Tax: HK$2,975.00
Elongated Wall Hung Toilet Size: 540 x 360mm ..
HK$4,350.00 HK$3,045.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,045.00
Hand dryer Size : 245W x 154D x 226H mm Power Consumption :      Heat..
HK$4,580.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,580.00
Floor-standing toilet  CW681B (S-Trap 275mm) CW681PB  (P-Trap H=180mm) Size : w:670..
HK$7,320.00 HK$5,124.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,124.00
Wall Faced Toilet  CW763B (S-Trap) CW763PB (P-Trap) Size : 380W x 630D x 483H mm ..
HK$6,590.00 HK$4,613.00 Ex Tax: HK$4,613.00
Floorstanding WC Size : 380W x 595D x 400H mm ..
HK$4,360.00 HK$3,052.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,052.00
Floorstanding WC Size : 360W x 525D x 390H mm ..
HK$4,750.00 HK$3,325.00 Ex Tax: HK$3,325.00
TOTO PJYD2200PW Galaline Free Standing Bathtub With whirlpool system Size:2200 x 1050 x 780..
HK$148,000.00 HK$103,600.00 Ex Tax: HK$103,600.00
Pearl Acrylic Whirlpool Massage Non-Apron Acrylic Bathtub Size : 1700 x 1700 x 600mm Delivery ..
HK$88,800.00 HK$71,040.00 Ex Tax: HK$71,040.00
Acrylic Whirlpool Massage Acrylic Bathtub with Chrome Plated Handgrips  Must order pop up wa..
HK$24,860.00 HK$19,888.00 Ex Tax: HK$19,888.00
Acrylic Whirlpool Massage Bathtub &  Chrome Plated Handgrips Size : 1503 x 753 x 615mm ..
HK$21,080.00 HK$16,864.00 Ex Tax: HK$16,864.00
FRP Apron Bathtub. Size: 1020 x 740 x 610mm must order Pop up waste $800 Delivery Charge : HKD..
HK$6,500.00 HK$5,200.00 Ex Tax: HK$5,200.00
Cast Iron Bathtub. Size: 1300 x 750 x 610mm , must order pop up waste$800 Delivery Charge : HKD 3..
HK$13,250.00 HK$9,275.00 Ex Tax: HK$9,275.00
Cast Iron Bathtub 1400W x 730D x 453H mm Must order pop up waste$800 Delivery Charge : HKD 30..
HK$9,370.00 HK$7,496.00 Ex Tax: HK$7,496.00
Cast Iron Non-Apron Bathtub. Chrome Plated Handgrips Size: 1500 x 700 x 430mm. Must order Popu..
HK$9,790.00 HK$7,832.00 Ex Tax: HK$7,832.00
Cast Iron Bathtub. Size: 1500W x 750D x 460H mm, must order pop up waste$800 FBY1530NHPE w/Hand Gri..
HK$11,180.00 HK$7,826.00 Ex Tax: HK$7,826.00
Cast Iron bathtub  w/ Hand Grip Size: 1600W x 750D x 465H mm Must order Popup Waste : HKD..
HK$11,460.00 HK$9,168.00 Ex Tax: HK$9,168.00
Cast Iron Bathtub (with Handgrip)  Size: 1700 x 750 x 460mm Must order Popup Waste去水..
HK$14,000.00 HK$9,800.00 Ex Tax: HK$9,800.00
Cast Iron Non-Apron Bathtub (Without Handgrip) Size: 1500 x 800 x 590mm Must order Popup Waste..
HK$13,490.00 HK$9,443.00 Ex Tax: HK$9,443.00
Cast Iron Bathtub. Size: 1500W x 750D x 480H mm, must order waste$800 FBYN1500HPE w/ Hand Grip ..
HK$14,900.00 HK$10,430.00 Ex Tax: HK$10,430.00
Cast Iron Bathtub. Size: 1600W x 750D x 480H mm, must order waste$800 FBYN1600HPE w/ Hand Grip FBY..
HK$15,620.00 HK$10,934.00 Ex Tax: HK$10,934.00
Cast Iron Bathtub with handgrip Must order pop up waste$800 Size : 1700W x 750D x 500H mm D..
HK$16,440.00 HK$11,508.00 Ex Tax: HK$11,508.00