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Kohler K-77795MY-0 K-77797MY-0

-42% Kohler K-77795MY-0 K-77797MY-0
Product Code: K-77795MY-0 K-77797MY-0
HK$63,110.00 HK$36,720.00

Kohler K-77795MY-0 K-77797MY-0 (white)

K-77795MY-0 ( S Trap) K-77797MY-0 ( P Trap)


  • Water sprayed from the wand onto the body is purified and filtered out impurities, residual chlorine and heavy metals for a healthier bidet experience.
  • Filtering the water also protects the bidet system against clogging from sediment and mineral build up.
  • A one-click sanitizing button activates both electrolyzed water and UV light functions to clean the bowl and wand, ensuring greater hygiene.
  • Installable against the wall and available with S-trap 306mm for low water pressure environments.
  • Available with 2.6/3.9 Liters dual flush, compliant with LEED certification.