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TOTO CS921PVT + TCF83410GAA -P trap TOTO CS921VT + TCF83410GAA -S trap Neorest RS Multi-Functi..
HK$49,000.00 HK$33,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$33,000.00
Neorest GH Multi-Function Toilet (S trap) Size: 820 x 448 x 527mm Elegant simple design wit..
HK$108,000.00 HK$75,600.00 Ex Tax: HK$75,600.00
Neorest New AH Multi-Function Toilet CS987PVA/TCF9787WA (P-Trap120-155mm )   CS987VA/T..
HK$53,800.00 HK$34,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$34,000.00
Neorest XH Multi-Function Toilet  (S-Trap 305mm) Features Elegant simple design w..
HK$52,800.00 HK$36,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$36,000.00
Neorest LE Wall mounted Multi-Function Toilet WH036D -Concealed Cistern w/Frame MB005DGN - ..
HK$78,880.00 HK$55,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$55,000.00
New Neorest DH Multi-Function Toilet TCF9575HK / CS989PVT (P-Trap 120-155mm)  TCF9575HK ..
HK$45,800.00 HK$27,000.00 Ex Tax: HK$27,000.00
Neorest Paper Holder (Stand type) Size: 290x830x260 mm In NEOREST series, of simple and stylis..
HK$9,000.00 HK$6,300.00 Ex Tax: HK$6,300.00
Neorest basin with sensor mixer Size : 750 x 500 x 120 mm  - Automatic/ manual control ..
HK$45,000.00 HK$31,500.00 Ex Tax: HK$31,500.00