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-32% TOTO CW992VA/TCF992WA
Brand: TOTO
Product Code: CW992VA/TCF992WA
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Neorest XH

Multi-Function Toilet  (S-Trap 305mm)


Elegant simple design with streamline style thin smooth profile.

High-end feeling remote controlle corresponds with the toilet by the same silver look.

Ewater+ (Sanitizing technology) applied. ewater is an original technology by TOTO which could thoroughly clean the bacteria and debris that normal cleaning way couldn‘t clean with the hypochlorite electrolyzed from daily water.

Hybrid technology also can provide 3.8L flush and low-waterpressure usability.

A perfect intelligent experience with all the sensing functions like‘auto flushing’,‘auto deodorizing’,‘auto lid open /close’.

Washlet function provides warm water washing, dryer, heated seat, air exchange functions.